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Durable ...

T-Wall climbing holds have been used in a wide range of climbing facilities all over the world for more than 20 years. They are exclusively made from highest-quality materials and are extremely durable and easy to clean. Their pleasant surfaces are gentle to the skin and resist even many years of wear. Our comprehensive range of climbing holds includes pinches, edges and slopers and everything else route setters need to design routes and boulders from the 3rd to the 11th grade of difficulty (UIAA). For school and pre-school walls we also supply a range of ergonomic holds specially designed for children’s hands to minimise strain on the tendons. 

... and unbreakable

There have been a number of reports of climbing holds chipping or even breaking altogether. All T-Wall climbing holds from a volume of 100 cm³ feature the internationally patented EPS (Explosion Proof System) to prevent accidents caused by broken holds injuring people standing below. EPS holds have a special spring insert that captures the bulk of the hold in case of breakage, which most commonly occurs near the bolt. T-Wall holds with EPS are therefore a great step towards utmost safety of artificial climbing walls.

The third dimension

T-Wall volumes are made of wood or GRP for creative route setting with great flexibility. Existing walls that lack structures in particular can be changed completely by simply bolting on these versatile structures. This is an inexpensive approach that offers endless possibilities. Additional holds can be mounted for even greater variation to design a wide variety of sequences for any grade of difficulty. A safety line facilitates the alignment of the volume on the wall during assembly and provides additional safety by securing the volume on the wall. T-Wall offers a large range of volumes and macros, and we are happy to manufacture custom-made shapes according to customer specifications.