Climbing for strong kids!

Climbing kids are strong – both physically and mentally. Most children love climbing from a very young age and try to climb everything that comes their way. Climbing is a basic human need and a natural form of movement that children master intuitively. Climbing involves the whole body and mind and therefore promotes strength, coordination and flexibility as well as psycho-social skills. The sense of achievement that comes with climbing boosts self-esteem, and belaying promotes a sense of responsibility. 

Thrilling experiences

Our child-friendly climbing wall systems are just as easily installed in gyms, school yards and playgrounds as on existing walls. T-Wall’s special sets of holds for children feature ergonomic designs and incorporate popular, colourful shapes such as cars and letters to introduce children playfully to climbing.
Our range includes the following options for thrilling experiences designed specifically for children:

Gesetzliche Bestimmungen und Richtlinien für den Klettersport

Statutory regulations and guidelines for sports climbing
The German statutory accident insurance (GUV) and the German Alpine Club (DAV) have developed joint guidelines for climbing walls for schools and similar environments, which require the following:

  • From 60 cm foothold height – installation on soft ground (e.g. lawn)
  • From 1.5 m foothold height – installation on shock-absorbing surfaces (e.g. gravel, synthetic safety flooring etc.)
  • Where free fall heights exceed 2 m foothold height, belaying is mandatory.