Plus Classic Surface
Classic Surface
Plus Squiggle Surface
Squiggle Surface
Plus Freeform Rockcoat Surface
Freeform Rockcoat Surface

Artificial rock – as close to nature as you will get

Climbing experiences that make you believe you could be in Yosemite, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains or the Frankenjura? Our artificial rock surfaces made from fibre-reinforced synthetic resin imitate granite, sandstone, limestone and slate so realistically that they create an almost perfect illusion of climbing real rock. Their colour can be perfectly matched to the environment, and they retain the roughness of their surfaces even after many years of intense use. Naturally this also applies to our outdoor climbing walls, which are UV-resistant and weatherproof. You will be hard pressed to find another system that provides as much flexibility and space for creative design as T-Wall: whether richly structured routes at the highest grades of difficulty or easier routes with up to eight variable hold elements per square metre – artificial rock offers near-natural climbing experiences and gives full flexibility in designing routes.

Competition – for the hardest moves

Competitions are all about utter perfection, not only as far as the athletes are concerned, but also in wall design and construction. Our virtually blank, finely coated Competition surface is the ideal canvas for the ultimate in the art of route setting. Combined with the Triangle System, the Competition surface allows up to 22 holds to be placed per square metre, and outside competitive events this purist surface invites the creation of versatile, challenging routes that demand total focus and commitment.

Squiggle – cheerful, colourful, round

Climbing is a never-ending cycle of innumerable attempts and successes, and this is what our Squiggle series of colourful, circular surfaces stands for. The circles and rings, which come in a huge variety of shapes, can be coloured according to customer specifications to add fresh colour contrasts to climbing walls. In combination with the Classic or Triangle Systems, Squiggle allows up to 15 to 22 holds to be installed per square metre.