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A new dimension of wall construction

The T-Wall Triax System opens up an entirely new dimension of climbing wall construction: demanding roofs, futuristic cubes, technical dihedrals and tricky faces – wooden walls not only break the boundaries of traditional climbing wall design, they also offer an inexpensive alternative to artificial rock. All wall elements are designed using specialist software and then manufactured on state-of-the-art, high-precision CNC machining facilities. We document our climbing systems in great detail to ensure that you will always be able to reorder matching components, even after decades of use.

Limitless design options

The extraordinary freedom of the Triax System is not limited to wall design: the system offers mounting options for at least 30 holds per square metre and therefore opens up a huge range of possible route designs, making it ideal for bouldering facilities, above all. However, even with the widest range of creative design options, for example in combination with other T-Wall systems, we never compromise on stability and compliance with applicable standards. Surface colour and roughness (grain size) can be customised upon request. A special enamel-based paint prevents climbing shoes leaving rubber marks on the surfaces, ensuring a long service life. All systems are available in a standard version, but we are, of course, happy to integrate modifications, manufacture to customer specifications and develop individual solutions.