At the sharp end of the rope

Once climbers have gained some experience and are able to reach the top-rope anchor confidently, they will usually want to get to the sharp end of the rope. In lead-climbing, climbers are not belayed from above. They rather clip their rope into prepared anchors as they reach them throughout their ascent, until they arrive at the top anchor. Lead-climbing is a greater thrill because there is always the possibility of a fall, at least theoretically, which is not the case with top-rope climbing. T-Wall lead climbing walls are the ideal environment for safe lead-climbing experiences: they comply with all applicable safety standards and additionally offer an impressive, challenging climbing wall architecture. Surfaces can be imprinted with logos, and route labels can be integrated upon request. Inspections of the wall can be easily conducted at any time without disassembly, ensuring that T-Wall lead climbing walls remain consistently safe, functional and appealing.